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Evolve R2 Remote Case (GTR, GTX, STOKE)

Evolve R2 Remote Case (GTR, GTX, STOKE)

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The Leet3D Evolve R2 Remote case was designed for the R2 Remote that is sold with Evolve Skateboards (GTR, GTX, STOKE) and made out of TPU Flexible Material. 

NOTE: This is not compatible with the Phaze Remote and is only for the R2 version remote. You have a Phaze remote if it’s anywhere metal and not an R2 model! We have not designed one for the new remote yet.

  • Model: Available in two options Covered or Uncovered Deadman button.
    • NOTE: If you do not want any change in the feel of the deadman switch please purchase the uncovered version. The covered version can also be cut around the button if desired.
  • Made out of TPU
  • Integrated 3D Printed Grip
  • 3D Printed Part which may have some artifacts from the printing process.


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